Information and FAQ about our virtual setup

This virtual seminar series will be hosted on the Crowdcast platform. That’s where the scientific talks, career fair, and panel discussion will be held. Participation is free of charge, but registration is mandatory.

We intend to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, so please be kind, polite and positive.

How crowdcast works

The Future of Foraging Seminar Series will appear as an event on crowdcast and instructions on how to access it will be sent to all registered participants.

How to Interact during a Seminar

You can already see the main features at a glance. There will be people ‘on stage’, visible in the central panel. Typically, these will be the moderator and the speaker, and they can give a presentation by sharing their screens. The rest of the attendees (the audience) are not ‘on stage’ by default, in contrast to other platforms like Zoom. This is necessary to accommodate potentially hundreds of attendees.

    However, the audience can engage with the speakers and with each other in several fun ways:
  • You can write in the live chat on the right panel.
  • You can ask questions via the “Ask a Question” button. Here you can also view the previously asked questions, upvote the ones you find interesting (reddit-style), and even add comments to the questions. Towards the end of each session the moderator will prioritize asking the most popular questions, which brings us to the next point. The moderator can invite you ‘on stage’ so that you can ask your questions directly to the speakers. Up to 4 people can appear ‘on stage’ simultaneously. If you wish to engage in this, make sure to have a functioning microphone and camera, and to accept the moderators’ invitation when it appears on your screen. Beware that by accepting this invitation, you are also agreeing to being recorded. If you prefer that the moderator asks your question on your behalf, indicate so in your written question.
  • You can answer polls created by the moderator.

For more in-depth information, check Crowdcast’s Attendee Quick Reference Guide.

How to watch past episodes

If the respective speakers have agreed to having their recorded talk published, we upload the talk (and discussion) on our youtube channel.